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Julia Stiles brought the booty to the Bourne premiere

07.12.2016by: Droz

There was a time, back in the last millennium, when I had a thing for Julia Stiles. This was back when she was doing all those teen movies and looking very much like the kind of beauty one would expect to see taking the lead role in such productions. But then time moved on and Julia seemed to diminish in the public eye, which prompted me to pin my affections to other hotties. That happens. Nowadays it seems the only time I see anything of Julia is when a new BOURNE movie comes out, like the one that's about to hit theaters in a couple weeks.

You may remember how Julia plays a former CIA handler to the Jason Bourne character, who somehow always comes into play whenever he decides to pop back up on the CIA's radar. This isn't the only way they're repeating themselves with this new movie. Once again Bourne is set on another quest to unearth his past, which triggers yet another formerly unknown Treadstone insider to try to take Jason out before he leaks their secrets. Or something to that effect. Kind of a broken record you're spinning there. I was hoping they'd have Jason link up with Jeremy Renner's character from THE BOURNE LEGACY and the two of them could kick ass in that super soldier ninja fighting style they have. Alas, this doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. Maybe they'll freshen up this new BOURNE by having Julia's surprisingly ample backside make a candid appearance. This would go a long way to keeping my interests piqued.

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