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Julia Kelly brought the buns to the sausage party

08.10.2016by: Droz

Unfortunately for Instagram hottie Julia Kelly, all the mascot food items seemed far more interested in hugging on Salma Hayek than her. Can you blame them? Still, I think any guys in those food suits missed out on a great opportunity to slide up to someone who exemplifies the appeal of sliding up to hot women. Sure, Salma still has the boobies, but I'd make the argument that Julia was bringing up the rear in a big way. Rarely do you see an ass as perfectly shaped as Julia's. Actually, if you think about it, Julia's ass is not unlike Salma's was back in her days of glory. It must have felt like a best of both worlds thing was happening at the SAUSAGE PARTY premiere with present day Salma and a very close approximation of young Salma. Which one would you rather have?

Source: GotCelebJulia Kelly


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