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Julianne Hough's dress may cause gold rush fever

12.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Who doesn't love a hottie in a gold dress? Even more so when the decision is made to go unsupported, just as Julianne Hough decided to do for her attendance to the 2016 Trevor Project. And before she could even finish walking the red carpet, two little Golden Nuggets surfaced atop of those lovely foothills she calls boobs – no need to spend the better part of your life panning the river. Yes, every paparazzi on that night doubled as an amateur gold prospector, perfectly surveying the topography with each flash of the camera. As far as my broader evaluation goes, my opinions on Julianne Hough are ultimately inconclusive. She always looks amazing when dressed to the nines; makeup perfectly applied and nary a hair out of place, but there have been times where the difference without the aid of expert preening is noticeable. Speaking only about her looks on this particular evening: she looks staggeringly beautiful.

Source: NS4W


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