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Joy Corrigan swaps out the bikini for some lingerie

12.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

There are plenty of bubbly blonde bikini models out there but Joy Corrigan is one of my personal favorites – I admit to checking out her Instagram page regularly. She's one of those models that, while working on a shoot at a public beach, will also do her wardrobe changes on the very same public beach; out in the open; tits for everyone! It comes as no surprise, she's just as adept at looking foxy as f**k in expensive lingerie as she does in two-piece bikinis. There's something about enticing undergarments that makes models suddenly take what they're doing extremely serious. It's rare to see Joy without a grin on her face – frolicking, prancing or pirouetting past the lens – but give her a some sheer panties, and suddenly, she's all business. This is a bikini babe/lingerie model we could use a whole lot more of in 2017. I'll keep a good lookout, even on my off hours.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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