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Joy Corrigan shows off her impressive bikini body

07.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

If you're young, hot and look great in a bikini, landing a few gigs and gaining a bit of notoriety along the way isn't too difficult a task. Even when the majority of young hopefuls vying to be featured in the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition end up being sidelined, there's still plenty of opportunity to get in the game. Joy Corrigan was first widely recognized (by myself anyway) when she auditioned for SI casting call; something that didn't result in her being featured in the annual periodical, but she made an impression and many took notice. These past couple months we've seen an uptick in photo shoots featuring the hot bodied blonde (did I mention she's totally down to go topless, too?), and for good reason. Check out her latest and, despite one shot of her legs spread wide, more restrained shoot. She's as hot as can be, showing both peers and enthusiasts alike what an ass in bikini bottoms should look like. I highly recommend doing some homework on this hot commodity. There are many sultry photo sets circulating the Internet that will have you keeping tabs on Corrigan.

Source: Got Celeb


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