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Joy Corrigan practices the art of the arm bra in her latest bikini shoot

05.05.2017by: No Cool Handle

I was careful to use the word "practices" because try as she may, Joy Corrigan has yet to master the art of keeping her bare breasts fully concealed – and I'm not sure she has any real interest in doing so. Quite the contrary, I believe these so-called "occupational hazards" are the meticulously planned actions of a hottie who refuses let a little thing like societal restrictions keep her from sharing with the world what she deems too beautiful to hide. How refreshing it is to share photos of a like-minded hottie like Joy Corrigan; our outlooks on taboo issues like what constitutes public decency couldn't be more aligned. In this burdensome age of the PC generation, we need enlightened "hotties of the old code" like Joy, never giving up the fight to preserve – and openly acknowledge – our evolutionary ingrained penchant for beautiful, half naked female bodies.

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