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Joy Corrigan only needs half of a bikini

01.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

Joy Corrigan is back to being topless in public, this time for a Miami Beach-based shoot, again, failing to keep properly covered up. The 22-year-old bikini model extraordinaire was all but completely naked, save for a tiny, blue bottom that, unfortunately, stayed in it's proper place throughout the entire seaside romp. Unlike Joy's arm bra, which proved to be impractical for the task at hand: keeping her nipples concealed, in accordance with public decency laws. Joy is becoming notorious for accidentally letting her boob slip on purpose; it happens during almost every one of her photo sessions. Lucky for her, I think Miami locals are pretty used to seeing boobs on public display, but I have to wonder how much she'd be fined if caught during a moment of full-on exposure. If such a thing happened while I was patrolling to keep the beaches proper, I would have paid her for even a minor infraction... and at the cost of my badge.

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