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Joy Corrigan & Madison Louch tag team a bikini shoot

03.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

Some of you may remember those old Double Mint fresh commercials with a catchy jingle, where they used good-looking twins with nice, white teeth to promote their chewing gum. (I'm not really going anywhere with this.) I only mention it because, for some unknown reason, it pops into my head whenever I see two gorgeous blondes like Joy Corrigan and Madison Louch, each trying to stick their ass out further than the other while tag teaming a sexy photo shoot. No, they're not twins nor are they related by blood, but they're both blonde and down to model skimpy swimwear – that's close enough for me. I particularly like it when they do these kind of shoots while wearing high heels and leather boots; it adds a little fantasy wish fulfillment, don't you think? And while they are both enjoyable to look at, Madison's body is nowhere fine as the powerhouse figure possessed by Joy Corrigan. That aside, these images are double the pleasure, double the fun.

Source: Got Celeb


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