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Joy Corrigan in & out of her skivvies is a smooth poison we'd be glad to drink

02.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The good people of Arsenic magazine are constantly updating their website with various intensely fit & wildly beautiful women, although it's hard to telling them apart after a bit. I mean, there's only so much naked beauty one can take, right? (*insert eye roll*) This time they're featuring a photoshoot by cameraman Peter Rosa of the 21-year old blonde beauty Joy Corrigan who tells the magazine that her nickname is Almond Joy. Although it's more to note that she's a black belt in Tang So Doo, a form of karate, so she can kick your ass when you make fun of her for liking gluten-free pizza (unless, of course, you are one of the heretics who eats gluten-free pizza). A native of North Carolina, at least that state can say that they produced one kind of winner this year in lovely Joy. 
Source: Arsenic Mag


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