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Josie Canseco rounds second base for Billy Kidd shoot

12.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

What's both unique and somewhat awesome about celebrity spawn like Ireland Baldwin, Ava Sambora and Josie Canseco is, they don't have to exploit their bodies, they choose to do so willingly. There's something pretty f**king sexy about a desire to share their celebrity genes. Maybe the opportunity to work with photographer Billy Kidd – a well-established photographer who has a lot of celebrity photo shoots under his belt – was too great to pass up, and Josie was so comfortable in front of his lens her tits just fell out. We already knew Ms. Canseco's was comfortable in her own skin, something made obvious by her Playboy shoot that turned up this past June, but she went from bold to bare faster than expected. Being a huge fan of her looks, I can't tell you how pleased I was to come across this set of images and couldn't wait to include fellow fans of this stellar hottie in the joy her disrobed body brings.

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Source: Billy Kidd


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