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Josie Canseco knocks it out of the park in her Trevor Flores shoot

05.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

While I admit to never being an admirer of Jose Canseco's once wedded wife, Jessica Canseco, - she was a little to mannish for my taste - far be it for me to deny what a splendid result the combination of their DNA produced. We're talking about the stunning byproduct of man and mannish relations, Josie Canseco. Judging by her name, it sounds as if daddy dearest was hoping for a Jose Jr. but had to opt for Josie when certain anatomical realities took hold. This fresh face is all women, and lucky for us Trevor Flores specializes in photographing them in sultry (if slightly traditional) ways. Flawless seems an appropriate description, or perhaps my eyes are cheated by some spell. This 19 year old Scorpio is quickly paving her way to a lucrative modeling career; be sure to check out her Playboy spread. Like dad, she has an innate talent for hitting home runs.

Source: Trevor Flores


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