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Jorgie Porter brought her athletic bikini antics to the West Coast

08.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
This chick is such a peach, it makes sense that she would choose a bikini in that very color. Jorgie Porter is known for being a soap opera actress on the show, "Hollyoaks," over in the UK, a show she just recently left this year. With the free time she has on her hands, it appears Jorgie has decided to do some gymnastic moves where the weather is always sunny, showing off with cartwheels and back bends in Malibu, California. Perhaps this is why Charlotte McKinney decided to head up the coast to Santa Monica, to avoid competing with another, albeit less busty but still fairly busty, blonde. I guess she's involved in the UK reboot of the show, "Are You Being Served?" which just recently aired on August 28th. Now, if they could only manage to do an updated version of "The IT Crowd."
Source: The Sun


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