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Jodie Sweetin's fuller blouse is everywhere you look in Maxim December

12.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

​Jodi Sweetin has come a long way from playing the wholesome daughter of a wholesome family on a wholesome television show with weekly messages about being wholesome; Full House wasn't just a family-friendly show, it was family safe. Parents never had to worry about questionable content, they tuned in for an overly sentimental and wholly inaccurate depiction of family life. This Maxim shoot is something of a counterweight, balancing out Jodi's purist image with a bit of exploitation. What inspired you to do this shoot(?), asks Maxim interviewer Patrick Carone. Jodi's Response: I wanted to do something that was a departure from Stephanie, but still a part of who I am. I am an adult woman, and I think people kind of forget that when you’re so closely tied in with such a traditional family sitcom. It’s fun to do something sexy and unique and a little more personal. She succeeded, with nothing more than a few photos featuring Jodi's adult-sized boobs, and while these images may not be overly revealing, it's a necessary step to take on the road to Jodi Sweetin's sexy reimagining. It won't be long before we're privy to a topless pictorial with the words "How Rude!" superimposed on the image.

Source: Maxim


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