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Jodie Sweetin's dance bod looks good coming and going

03.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
For some of my friends, checking out the NetFlix revival of "Full House," (aptly titled, "Fuller House") was an absolute must, if only to gawk at the grown-up hotness of those young girls they crushed on in their formative years. We all know that little Stephanie Tanner has had some personal drama since the original sitcom came to a close in 1995, with Jodie Sweetin battling with an ex over custody of their child as well as coming clean about having a dirty little meth habit for a number of years. With the success of the reboot, Sweetin is taking her fuller, more womanly body to the show that loves a turn-around story like hers, "Dancing with the Stars." I haven't really seen too many hot shots of anyone coming from that show (including Mischa Barton, who is also attempting a career revival on the hoofer series) but these pics of Jodie leaving practice this last Saturday come pretty damn close. Her chest is a marvel, although what was more surprising is that she's got a tight rump to go with it. Perhaps she'll go on to be the Winnie Cooper of this particular season.
Source: Daily Mail


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