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Jodie Sweetin showed how full she is at the Fuller House premiere

02.17.2016by: Droz

Looking at all the reunited cast from the upcoming Netflix Full House spin off, Fuller House, makes it really hit home how much time has passed since those ultra corny bygone days of Tanner family comedy. Just look at Jodie Sweetin here, who Full House fans will remember played middle child Stephanie Tanner. They were all mere children back in the day, but clearly the Tanner kids have grown up and out - Jodie in particular. I'm doing my best to separate the little kid I remember from the full figured, beautifully stacked woman in these pics. Though with a few of these I can still see a glimmer of the child Jodie, at which point I start to feel like a filthy old man, despite the fact that Jodie is only a few years younger than myself. But nevermind the adolescent Jodie. She's 20 years in the past. This current Jodie suits us much better.


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