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Exclusive Video: JoBlo presents… Our Favorite Jessica Alba Moments!

10.25.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Jessica Alba Moments!

If you're reading this, movies and hotties are two things that you probably consider a necessity in life, and you need them to survive. Sure, a movie is a movie, and a hottie is a hottie… but the combination of hotties in movies has intensely raised the stakes of just how "hot" a hottie can be. One very obvious example of this is the unmistakably gorgeous Jessica Alba. She's a modern-day actress whose popularity most certainly increased overtime, which is largely thanks to one key quality: her sexiness. Jessica is so stunning, she made the Invisible Woman look hot (think about it). Sure, Jessica has proven overtime to not be the most engaging actress, and her daily wardrobe has become much more conservative ever since she became a mom. But you know what? F*ck it. Today we're going to celebrate Jessica's incredibly sexy history in cinema, because she damn well deserves it!

This tribute includes scenes from Jessica's many outstanding features, including AWAKE, FANTASTIC FOUR, GOOD LUCK CHUCK, HONEY, IDLE HANDS, INTO THE BLUE, LITTLE FOCKERS, MACHETE, SIN CITY, THE TEN and plenty of others. And if you're upset we didn't throw in the violent spanking scene from THE KILLER INSIDE ME… go see a doctor. Seriously. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this completely gratuitous tribute to the beautiful Jessica Alba! If you feel like watching it again, please check it out on YouTube, to help raise further awareness of Jessica's hotness. Enjoy…

Extra Tidbit: Which movie is Jessica's hottest?


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