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Joanna Krupa works for Maxim magazine in the buff

12.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

I wasn't expecting to wake up and see a set of nude Joanna Krupa images, shot for and produced by Maxim Magazine – historically, a magazine that only dabbled in implied nudity – and posted (uncensored) directly on their website. If Maxim is looking to fill the void left by Playboy's nudity prohibition, not only am I all for it but I think they are the perfect periodical to assume the mantle. Who better to inherit the awesome responsibility of providing the public with liberated visions of the female body? Just look at the bang-up job they did for the most liberated of them all, Joanna Krupa. The only part of the anatomy left out of the equation was her Polish pound cake. If this truly is an indication Maxim is looking to delve deeper into the exciting world of exploitation, it shan't be long before a full paradigm shift. I could be putting the cart before the horse, but you try and not get excited over the possibilities signaled by images Joanna Krupa's bare ass. I mean, how can you look at that thing without feeling hopeful?

Click image for uncensored

Source: Maxim


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