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Joanna Krupa plays grab ass with an equally hot bikinied buddy

01.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I honestly do not remember Joanna Krupa's time as a model, even though I know that's where she got her start. Hell, I've never watched any of the trash reality shows that she's been on, although I suppose it's a bit of a reach to refer to Dancing with the Stars as a reality program (what, you thought I was going to call a program with never-quite-weres and has-beens, "trash"?). However, Krupa has insisted on being on our radar for the past few years, making hot appearances on red carpets for the random events she's invited to. She's also a champ with the bikini on the beach moments, including this one that was taken on New Year's Eve, where she's playing grab-ass with fellow Polish model, Patrycja Mikyla, in Miami. I get her appeal, what with the perfectly petite body and nicely proportioned implants that attract rather than repel. I just can't think of a time when I've heard her speak. Or a time when I've been interested in listening.
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