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Joanna Krupa is an endless source of sexy

10.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Joanna Krupa has probably made enough from a career spent modeling bikinis, or bagged a guy rich enough, to finance an endless summer for the rest of her life. This is advantageous for everyone because the longer Joanna stays on vacation, the longer we're inundated with images of that awesome body. Seriously, I've yet to tire of looking at it, even revisiting some of her greatest hits from time to time. Her carefree weeks spent in Miami have yielded some excellent pics and these are no exception. Only a first-rate hottie such as she can make a one piece every bit as sexy as a two-piece (look closely for some camel toe). The only gripe I have is that, lately, she hardly spends any leisurely time flying solo, always allowing her suitor to tag along, like a puppy who takes every opportunity to hump your leg – you can't blame him, though. For as long as she remains forever hot, Joanna Krupa will always be a reliable source of sexy.

Source: NS4W


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