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Joanna Krupa is a little trick and a lot of treat

10.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

You can go to any Halloween party store/warehouse, and there you'll find isles upon isles of your traditional Halloween costumes with the word 'sexy' on the packaging. Sexy nurse, sexy zombie, sexy Freddy Krueger, sexy vampire; if it's an iconic symbol of terror, chances are, they've turned it into something you would normally run through a dark forest to get away from, into something you'd happily go skinny-dipping with in some secluded Lake. And then there's costumes like the one Joanna Krupa is wearing, outfits that are not intended to sexualize freaky creatures, but rather allow women to become the dominatrix they've always dreamt of being – all without fear of slut shaming, public scrutiny and being completely ostracized from their communities. Or perhaps the Polish hottie put more thought into her costume than I'm giving her credit for; perhaps it's a cheeky way of giving us a visual treat by dressing like a trick. If that's the case ... Well played, Ms. Krupa.

Source: NS4W


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