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Joanna Krupa invites everyone to see thru to the real Joanna

10.19.2012by: Droz

And what a surprise, the real Joanna Krupa has really nice tits. Who knew? Oh wait, everyone knew, because Joanna is constantly showing off her tits. I've been seeing pics of this woman for years and I still have no idea why she's famous. Is she on a show or in movies? Is she a model? Is she some rich dude's daughter? No clue. And honestly, I don't much care what she does. She walks around in see thru shit, purposefully showing off her tits to paparazzi, so chances are she's not really that sophisticated or interesting a person. On a purely visual sense, certain parts of my anatomy find her very interesting and are quite eager to know more about those parts of her that correspond to them. The rest of me is, well, the rest of me is also kind of curious about her, let's be honest. Even if she is probably quite shallow, she's still bangable anyway.

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		#thumb > a.switch.view:after {
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		.controls .paginate {
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			margin-left: 10px;
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		jQuery(document).ready(function() {

			var stop = jQuery('.container.end').attr('id');

			if(window.location.hash) {
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