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Joanna Krupa don't give a f@&! what you see

05.11.2017by: Droz

It's debatable whether Joanna Krupa's recent split from her husband is the reason she went sans bra under a see thru dress while out at some joint last night. One could make a few valid theories as to what's going on here, the most innocuous one being she simply wasn't aware of what camera flashes would do. Somehow I doubt that. This might also be her putting the word out that she's ready for a rebound hookup. Or it could just be Joanna being Joanna. This is hardly her first see thru moment, after all. She's become notorious for such moments. What I do know for certain is that Joanna is one of the more reliable resources for gratuitous flashes of T&A out there. See her name mentioned and the odds are good that she's gonna be showing off something. No doubt this constant advertising might not make for a healthy marriage, but it is an effective way to keep her in the celebrity loop.

Source: NSFW


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