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Jillian Rose Reed rocks a whole lotta cleavage at MTV Movie Awards

05.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I went on a bit of tear when the show Awkward. first came on MTV, loving the witty writing and cast full of actors clearly chosen because they were good at what they do and not just attractive, a first by MTV's standards. I gave up watching the show after getting irritated with a few of the newer characters they introduced after the second season and have fallen out of touch with how good Jillian Rose Reed looks when she puts her curvy little body out on the red carpet. JRR has always been on the thicker side, with a more pear-shaped body that drew the eye to her butt & thighs (honestly, never quite a bad thing for the majority of us thinking people in the world), but I was unaware of just what a stacked deck she had going up top until she appeared at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend in a frock inspired by Jennifer Lopez's famous Grammy duds. There were haters, of course, who criticized Jillian's fuller frame, laughable in the face of Lopez's own wide booty. Everything is wonderful and no one's happy, as Louis CK might say. Because I don't see anything wrong with a good looking woman showing off her good looking goods.
Source: Huffington Post


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