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Jill Bunny is back showing off that toned tail of hers in Miami

08.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I've featured Jill Bunny in the past, doing pretty much exactly what she's doing here: wearing a bikini at the beach for some of the least candid photos this side of a Jennifer Nicole Lee photo op. Jill makes a grip of money training people to be as fabulously fit as she is with her program entitled Fit Bunnies and since she's been a contestant in those flex and pose fake tan-a-thons, she knows what she's doing. I like when women have a different look from time to time and a muscular body on a lady doesn't scare me. If anything, I appreciate that while it's obvious Bunny wouldn't have any natural titties because all breasts are is body fat and she's got a body fat percentage in the single digits, at least she didn't opt for the biggest, hardest, ugliest bolt-ons that most of those women get. 
Source: Egotastic


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