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Jessica Szhor brings back that sexy Mastrantonio vibe at War Dogs premiere

08.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I had wondered where Jessica Szohr had been, after making a small splash as one of the side characters on "Gossip Girl," I rarely saw the actress at red carpet events until the WAR DOGS premiere earlier this week. I suppose she's laying low, getting prepped to be a part of the new "Twin Peaks" experience, which I both dread and am anxiously anticipating. I'm bummed that Lynch isn't going to be a part of the deal anymore, perhaps because the world has moved on from that weird place in the 1990's when figuring out who killed Laura Palmer in that twisted, bizarro world to a world where real life people have their stage exploits filmed and the outcome is even more baffling. Who can beat a "damn fine cup of coffee" moment when the Kardoucheians are waxing their buttholes on air, or whatever the hell those people do besides popping out babies and killing people in car accidents. Shit, we might as well consider all of that keeping up another season of the original Peaks, what with the gibberish that Kanye babbles and the blood-hungry maternal figure ready to banish (vanquish?) anyone who doesn't suit her agenda. All of that babbling aside, I love that Szohr has a different look than many others right now, free of that surgical smoothness and flawless styling. She really does remind me of the natural, wild sexiness of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, a relic of a bygone era, I suppose.
Source: Tom & Lorenzo


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