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Jessica Simpson's toned bod may warm you up

12.03.2015by: No Cool Handle

When I came across these photos of Jessica Simpson marketing ‘The Warm Up’ Gym Fashion Line, I quickly realized how little attention this pop divas ass receives. It's no mystery why; there's nary another female performer quite as top heavy as she, making it difficult not to focus on her two dominating factors – they usually take up most of the frame. Today, these pics will help remind everybody who cares to know, she obviously takes a determined approach to ensure that her ass is firmly toned as well. As you see from a set of tacked on photos, a conscious effort is usually made to display her buoyant bust; that must mean she's very proud of them and relishes in the attention they get. I think the "on full display" approach should be taken when it comes to the tush; it's one to be proud of. Side note: there were only a few pics from ‘The Warm Up’ shoot so I added a set of Ms. Simpson showing off her bra at the Los Angeles International Airport. I aim to please.

Source: Got Celebhawtcelebs


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