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Jessica Simpson has to strap in her huge boobs

02.29.2016by: Droz

I'm still getting a handle on this recent restoration of Jessica Simpson's hottie cred. While she's not the Jessica we used to know, there's still plenty to enjoy on her. And when I say plenty, I'm referring to her now massive tits which she can't help but show off at every given opportunity. I wont lie, I've had some problems with Jessica in the past. While I never begrudged her seemingly defunct pop star career, that damn reality show she did with her ex was a major point of contention. She still had the bod though, so I was still down for her until she got knocked up twice in a row and ballooned up big time. I figured she was done as a hottie. This new return to curvaceous hotness was unexpected, but I'm cautiously on board. Giant tits are a nice way to re-break the ice. Just don't do anything stupid, Jess. I got my finger on the loathing button.

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