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Jessica Simpson gives New York the "If Taylor Swift Had Boobs" treatment

09.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
While she's been in New York these past few days, one of our favorite busty blondes, Jessica Simpson, made sure she went all sorts of places and changed her outfits frequently. It brings to mind Taylor Swift and her regular leggy jaunts throughout the city, looking as if she doesn't care that there are people taking her picture the entire time. Simpson has been really busting out of her dresses lately, flaunting her fit MILF figure and famously plump chest. She was a guest on "The Tonight Show" where she talked with Jimmy Fallon about her family and the trials she's endured as a parent thusfar. Some people are wondering if the recent boost in volume to her cleavage is because Jess might be knocked up again. It wouldn't surprise me but unlike others, it wouldn't bug me either. She seems like a content mama, a look that suits her well.
Source: Page Six


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