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Jessica Rafalowski is hard to say, easy on the eyes

02.19.2013by: Droz

Damn, that's an ample serving of sexy lady right there. You might not have heard of Jessica Rafalowski, but she has been around here before. We featured her Me In My Place spread a few months back. If you're a fan of the beauty contests, you might also remember her as a former Miss Florida and a contestant in the Miss USA pageant, which she apparently didn't win for some insane reason. Is there anything about this woman that isn't screaming for a tiara and a bouquet of flowers as a tribute to her undeniable sexual powers? They must have tripped her up with the personality portion of the contest. As if asking these girls their opinion on the conflict in Syria or the ongoing austerity crisis in world economics is really a fair thing to do. These are people who consider walking down a runway in a bikini and high heels a job skill. They make superficiality a priority in their lives. I would think that sort of perspective would clash somewhat with a keen social and political acumen. Why not just drop the pretense and stick with the theme of ladies tasked with standing there and looking pretty in silence. Or better yet, just forgot about beauty pageants altogether. Nobody cares anymore. Sure, it was a novel idea back on the Jersey shore of the 1920s, when folks were just starting to throw off the shackles of puritanism and allowing themselves to appreciate look of a sexy body. Fast-forward a century and we've got FHM covers to look at when we want to see hot bodies. No need for all the formality anymore. Time to cut loose the past, folks.


Source: Got Celeb


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