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Jessica Parker Kennedy brings some sexy ammo to War Dogs premiere

08.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Most people know what it feels like to have the odds stacked against them. That's why underdog/triumph in the face of adversity movies do well. It's the same reason why hottie enthusiasts like myself love to root for underappreciated babes like ​Jessica Parker Kennedy; even if I can't understand why she seems to have plateaued. I find her to be – to use a cringe worthy parlance of our time – a total bae (I beg you not to judge me for that). The flawless skin and engaging smile get me every time, not to mention her willingness to do full frontal nudity for the sake of our entertainment. Side note: If you're not watching Black Sails, you should really get on that. Even somewhat uneventful photo sets, like her attendance to the WAR DOGS premier (review), provide enough stimulation to compel me to share. Despite her growth in popularity being slow off the line, I have the utmost confidence in her sexiness. One spark and her fan base will spread like wildfire.

Source: Got Celeb


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