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Jessica Lowndes pokes out in all the right ways in a tight dress

09.30.2016by: Droz

There are a few hotties around here I personally feel don't get enough coverage. There are various reasons for that. Either they aren't out and about much, or as is the case with Jessica Lowndes, the fates just never seem to align properly for us to post their pics for whatever reason. Fortunately these pics of the rock hard body Ms. Lowndes struts around town did make it to my sight this afternoon, so that we might all bask in the glory of all her perfectly protruding parts. Girl owns one of the more tight bodies around right now. I doubt she's got an ounce of fat anywhere where she's not supposed to. Instead, she fills herself out by building up impressive muscle girth in all those places where fat usually does the job. You could bounce a quarter across the room with her ass. Although I can envision far more creative uses for such a tush. Jess is definitely something special.

Jessica Lowndes in a red bikini
Source: NSFW


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