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Jessica Lowndes is looking nice and stacked in Spring Breaker swimwear

03.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

If your love for curvy Canadian babes like Jessica Lowndes runs as a marrow deep as mine, you'll appreciate this little bit of boob-laden goodness. The captivating Canuck took to the blogosphere to showcase her top pics from Spring Breakers 2017 collection of sexy swimwear, using her own awesome body to do so. I love a raven-haired beauty with a set of bright blue peepers; there's something about the way a dark head of hair makes the color pop. And speaking of pop, Jessica's two hefty handfuls got a lot of attention from our friend behind the camera, making the absence of any good or decent ass pics easier to forgive. This particular shoot is catered towards the boob-lover that resides right beneath the surface of everyone – men, women, anyone who can appreciate a work of stimulating art. This lovely foreigner is a prime example of how we can all benefit from a world with fewer borders. She'll make the erection of something inevitable, but it ain't a wall

Source: lazy girls


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