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Jessica Cribbon is another fine addition to the world of Maxim models

02.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I'll be honest, if I had to give this entire photoshoot of model Jessica Cribbon a grade, it would only manage a C at best. That second picture, with Jessica making that Howard the Duck face, er.. mouth... kills so much of the other goodness for me. Far too many of the women out there posing at being beautiful have too much makeup, their faces all pinched up from trying to maintain a f*ck doll mouth for extended periods of time. No wonder so many of them have to get Botox for the winkles around their eyes and in their foreheads. It's not from smiling or laughing or being decent and sincere person who makes unguarded facial expressions. It's from the manipulated force they put on their features to attempt a freeze-frame on what they think their best face is. How frustrating. Cribbon looks like a nice enough girl with a great but not overly processed figure. Pamela Anderson looked good like this too... in her 20's.
Source: Got Celeb


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