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Jessica Chastain went independent with her award show hotness

02.29.2016by: Droz

One conspicuously absent face from this year's Oscars was Jessica Chastain. You'd think being a frequent nominee and a cast member in THE MARTIAN, one of this year's nominated best pictures, would pretty much require her to be there. Apparently not though. Instead, Jessica decided to show off her cleavage at the Independent Spirit Awards on the day before the Oscars. It seems two awards shows in as many days is simply too much to bear. Or maybe Jessica just overdid it on the festivities with that Indie crowd and didn't want to show up on the Oscars red carpet hung over. They time these Independent Spirit Awards as a kind of alternative to Oscar glam. They're much more laid back affairs, celebrating the lesser known and acknowledged efforts in cinema and cutting out a lot of the fellating you see in the larger award shows. That sounds like the perfect match for Jessica. She doesn't seem like one who gets caught up in all that mess. She's much too cool for that. Just one more thing I like about her.

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