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Jessica Chastain's stacked, redhead glow is a great way to promote a movie

03.29.2017by: Droz

Jessica Chastain is on double duty lately, promoting both MOLLY'S GAME and THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE in various red carpet event scenarios. I so look forward to a new set of Jessica premiere photos. There seems to be something about premieres in particular that brings out the best in Jessica, namely her desire to show off epic cleavage. I can't say if she does this purely for the boost these titty displays might give to her movie's press, or if premieres just get her hot in some kind of fetishistic way. Both scenarios sound appealing. All I do know is Jessica is a total stunner, no matter how she presents herself. Doesn't matter if her perfect boobs aren't prominent, because in that case her intoxicating red hair often is, which is just as good in my estimation. There's nothing about Jessica I don't drool over.

Source: Superior Pics


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