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Jessica Chastain racks 'em up for the Golden Globes

01.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

Jessica Chastain has never been one of those hotties who easily stimulated me into a state of arousal – not until she put on a few pounds, that is. Now, before you go and assume I was implying she appears to be fatter... I'm not; not even close. I'm simply stating [that] ever since she's gone from beanpole to, shall we say, shapely, I find myself seeking out pictures of her latest public appearance, particularly those images showing as much of that smooth, creamy organ she calls skin. Her attendance to the 2017 Golden Globes called for more than usual, mostly in the upper titty region. These pictures are not only good for posterity but for Jessica Chastain; perfectly capturing a moment in time when her body has never looked better. Any time she feels herself returning to state of being too thin, she need only look at these images to remind her where the sweet spot is. As for unwavering Jessica Chastain enthusiasts: they don't need a photo to remind them of her sweet spot.

Source: NS4W


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