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Jessica Chastain keeps the focus on her amazing hair

10.07.2016by: Droz

One thing they always do right with pretty much every magazine spread I see Jessica Chastain appear in, is keep the focus on her hair. Not to suggest that the rest of Jessica isn't great, but it's the hair which really sets her apart from the crowd when you're talking about beauty and exalting beauty in the way these magazines do. Girl is just gorgeous in a way that doesn't seem possible. I wonder sometimes if she's doing anything to enhance her redness, considering the fact that she's almost 40 now. But then you look back on her earlier days, when she was still all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and you see that she was just as red back then as she is today.

Speaking of Jessica back in the day. Now that she's a big time A-lister, I wonder if we'll ever see a NSFW scene from her again. It would be a shame if Jessica never got it mind to do another sexy striptease or show any kind of significant skin again, but not really a surprise. Still, you never know.

Source: ElleL'Official


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