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Jessica Chastain is the perfect blend of classy and sexy

03.08.2017by: Droz

I don't like the idea of Jessica Chastain being claimed by anyone. It tends to kill the ridiculous delusion that one of us might have a shot there. However, it is fitting that she's dating Italian nobility. Girl has a regal quality about her only someone of lengthy breeding can do justice to. Just check her out on Polish TV and at the Warsaw premiere of her new movie THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE. With all her perfect red hair, elegant body, and beautiful face, Jessica seems more at home stamped on the face of a coin, or printed onto currency. She should be a nation's symbol of regal authority, not shilling movies on daytime TV. Too bad, but she's got at least one loyal subject right here. I'll always bow before Jessica's glory.

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