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Jessica Chastain is red and radiant in her spread for American Way

03.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

At some point will we see an advancement in technology which allows our sense of smell to be stimulated along with our sense of sight? For instance: How great would it be if the expensive perfumes and body lotions emanating off of Jessica Chastain's person could reach our nostrils, heightening the exciting affects these images have to unbearable amounts? Or the smell of some highly feminized shampoo/conditioner combination wafting off of that full volume head of red hair, overloading your chemosensory system? Oh, the pleasures to be had from a long overdue addition to Internet photo gawking. After all, what's worthy of being deemed "The American Way" if not innovating? It's why we remain an economic superpower. And it's in this patriotic periodical (also titled 'American Way') we find the 39-year-old hottie posing in a variety of sexy ways. She looks radiant, red and beyond desirable; that you can believe.

Source: American Way


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