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Jessica Chastain is radiant in green at Madrid photocall for Miss Sloane

05.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I haven't watched half of the movies that Jessica Chastain has been in but I am never going to tire of looking at her. I'm always impressed that Jessica managed to kick off a highly successful career while in her mid-30's, practically unheard of in this profession where youth is prized to a ludicrous degree (for example, Michelle Rodriguez turns 39-years old this year and I find her even sexier now than when she was in her 20's, so go figure). Every time Chastain shows up to these promotional events, I'm gobsmacked by how she glows, without needing all of the heavy makeup that so many younger women use. She walks into a room and commands it with a light and airy touch, smiling and posing naturally while the people in the room fawn. You'll see more pictures taken of her at these things than of those hustling for attention in ridiculously sleazy clothing, barely 75% more flesh because let's face it - we want to look at a mature woman whose sexuality is fully realized. We don't need the plastic doll version of sexy. Real sexy grunts & groans, writhes & moans, not squeaks like it's just been taken out of the package.
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