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Jessica Chastain is an explosion of red curls for The Edit

12.23.2016by: Droz

These pics of Jessica Chastain giving her famous red hair a curly turn, take me back to bygone days of redheaded enchantment. I set behind a girl in sophomore math who had hair just like this. There it was, this magnificent mane of the most brilliant red hair just exploding into a million curls not 3 feet from my face every day. She was fond of running her fingers through it all the time, which had a way of wafting the most intoxicating scents into my face. Needless to say, I got a big ol' D+ for math that year, thanks to being totally preoccupied with that girl's hair. It's memories of her that rattle around in my head as I look at these pics of Jessica in this month's The Edit magazine. Now I kinda want Jessica to keep her hair like this. If there's anything better than straight up red hair, it's red hair dancing and twirling about in a mound of curls. Doesn't matter though. I'm prepared to accept Jessica in any configuration she likes.

Source: The Edit


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