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Jessica Chastain is a hit, even when her movies aren't

04.29.2016by: Droz

Well, I pretty much called it in regards to THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR. It was a huge bomb, both critically and at the box office. Was anyone expecting otherwise? I wonder about that sometimes. When they're in the process of making a movie like this, which no one asked for or particularly wanted, is it just kinda understood by all involved that they're investing their time and energies into something that's pretty much guaranteed to tank hard? Or is there some persistent streak of optimism running through Hollywood which forbids anyone from acknowledging the inevitability of their movie crashing and burning? I suspect it's a bit of both, depending on who you're talking to. Whatever the case, the failure of this movie has no influence on my opinion of Jessica Chastain, seen here doing her last little bit of publicity for THE HUNTSMAN for USA Today. She remains as gorgeous and talented as ever. It's also not effecting her future prospects as an actress. Jessica has a ton of movies coming up, including a Holocaust drama, a musical biopic and various other important-looking movies. So she's just fine. We'll go ahead and let this whole shitty sequel thing fade away into back catalog oblivion where it belongs.

Source: USA Today


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