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Jessica Chastain helps you to keep time with her great legs & radiant smile

02.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Jessica Chastain may have unlocked the key to life. Considering that she went from being a fairly unknown actress only 6 years ago, getting her first huge break in Malick's TREE OF LIFE to being one of the most hired, multi-award-nominated actresses working today is a pretty big accomplishment in a relatively short amount of time. And from the amount of smiles and flesh she shares with fans on the regular, I think that might have something to do with her popularity. Sadly, Pirelli did not take her up on the flesh or smiles for their recent calendar, which in the past has been filled with naked Adriana Lima and nearly nude Amy Schumer. Instead, this year has focused on gorgeous celebrity women with no makeup, going for that all natural beauty look. I find it a bit odd that they're just now promoting the calendar, what with us being halfway through February already. Perhaps the calendars are in the discount bin because they couldn't sell without Jess on hand to smile her way through the sales?
Source: Daily Mail


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