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Jessica Chastain & Anna Kendrick had a hot yellow dress contest at Cannes

05.11.2016by: Droz

The 69th (teehee) Festival de Cannes is up and running over in France as we speak, bringing all the big names down to the beautiful French Riviera where they pretend to be celebrating cinema while actually hanging out on yachts, drinking expensive champagne, and screwing their brains out into the wee hours with an assortment of perfect people. Yeah, I've never been. But if I did go, that's definitely what I'd be doing. I love movies, but they're no contest compared to the opportunities for top notch sex available there. Speaking of top notch, check out Jessica Chastain and Anna Kendrick rocking the low cut yellow gown hotness while walking the red carpet for Woody Allen's new movie CAFE SOCIETY. Two of Hollywood's most beloved cuties in the same place. That's what Cannes dreams are made of. Though I doubt anyone has the pull to get the both of them back to their yacht for the evening. Of course, I could wrong there. Wow, wouldn't that be like a dream come true.

Source: GotCeleb


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