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Jessica Chastain and her puffed up cleavage deserved an award of their own

04.11.2016by: Droz

It was damn hard to pick out a set of pics from the wide assortment available of Jessica Chastain at the MTV movie awards, showing off epic cleavage for the delighted crowds. How do you decide that a pic of Jessica with her boobs popping out isn't good enough? Anything bearing such imagery is just fine by me. I was lucky to have narrowed it down to 25 pics and that with quite a few heartbreaking omissions. I love her attitude here. Sure, the whole place is checking out her tits squishing forth from her corset-like dress. And Jessica is perfectly fine with it. In fact, this was surely the plan from the beginning. You gotta love a hottie who seems to get kicks from knowingly making everyone in the room hot for her. Jessica is having a ball putting them titties on display and we're similarly entertained looking at them. It's an epic win-win.

  Jessica Chastain at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards Jessica Chastain at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Source: Superior Pics


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