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Jessica Chastain and her ample cleavage glowed at the Met Gala

05.02.2017by: Droz

Once again this Met Gala thing manages to draw all the best hotties for their prom-like festivities. And as usual, one of my very favorites among the throngs of superior celebrity hotness was Jessica Chastain. Something amazing happens when she combines her brilliant red hair, perfect cleavage, and pure class to create a triforce of sexual potency unique among most others in her line of work. It's easy to focus on little more than the visual goodness inherent with the women we cover here. I've never quite let myself lose all perspective that way with Jessica. For me, she is a potent sexual creature, yet also one demanding of respect and admiration. That's not just because she's a great actress. Jessica seems to have an air about her indicating, to me anyway, one who is due a more reverential duty. That's all another way of admitting to drooling over Jessica, yet doing my best to hide it.

Jessica Chastain Met Gala 2017

Source: Superior Pics


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