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Jessica Alba's leather-bound body for her appearance on the Tonight Show

08.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Every time Jessica Alba is in a new wide release, MECHANIC: RESURRECTION, (review) we all share in the spoils. In this past week we've seen – almost every morning – a new set of Alba pics. After my first sip of coffee, I find myself acting like a kid who's eager to open up his first Christmas present. I know if my parents stuck to the list, it's gonna be something good. And when you're anticipating the next batch of Jessica Alba images, you can be sure you're in for something good. Sexy legs, a bit of cleavage, a f**king awesome selection of attire (were talking maroon leather, here) and her beautiful face, Jessica always sticks to the list. I can't overstate how jealous I am that Jimmy Fallon gets to sit in such close proximity to history's hottest MILF. The combination of that dress and the intoxicating scent of all-natural, organic fragrances emitting from her person must provide more than enough data for detailed memories to keep it lucky Jimmy's spank bank. The kind of memories you keep in the high-security wing of your mind palace. Only to be used in the upmost and dire of need.

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