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Jessica Alba's jeans aren't the only thing on her body that's tight

06.29.2016by: Droz

I know not for which company or designer or whatever Jessica Alba was doing this photo session. I don't really care either, outside of how nicely their wares fit on Jessica's perfect body. I guarantee few people who buy these jeans will be able to wear them anywhere near as well as Jessica does. There's a long history of hotties in designer jeans looking hot, but I have to say that Jessica is outclassing most of them here. As if that wasn't good enough, Jessica took the tightness above the waist by wrapping herself up in a super tight top as well. Then you got the long, luxuriant hair to go along with all this, not to mention Jess's more beautiful than beautiful face. It all comes together to once again illustrate how superior she is to pretty much every other hottie out there today. Only Jessica could make being fully clothed nearly as hot as being in a bikini.

Source: NSFW


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