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Jessica Alba's Hawaii vacay wasn't all fun and games

04.25.2016by: Droz

The big news today was a new set of Jessica Alba bikini pics. Those are always a treat for the eyes and elsewhere. One thing we didn't know until now was that Jessica was down Hawaii way for more than just frolicking at the beach. The CEO MILF was also there to do another one of her magazine photoshoots. These pics aren't bad, but I think they might have done better just to go with her to the beach earlier in the week and took some pics of her in that bikini. But I suppose they had some designer clothing involvement to include here, as usual. For instance, the $3000 dress she's wearing as she climbs over treacherous volcanic outcrops or the $500 one piece she's dipping into tidal pools. There's one difference between Jessica and me. If I ever paid thousands for some piece of clothing (which I wouldn't), I'd keep it zipped up in a bag in my closet where it would rarely see daylight. Jessica, on the other hand, has the cash to throw around. If she snags her dress on something or takes a bad step and rips her dress on a jagged lava rock, it's no biggie. She'll buy 3 more tomorrow. Them's the perks of being a super hot CEO.

Source: NSFW


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