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Jessica Alba would be happy to sign your shampoo

12.07.2016by: Droz

I don't think I've ever heard of a shampoo signing before. Although I'd never heard of an mid-level actress and sex symbol heading up a billion-dollar corporate empire either. Not until Jessica Alba managed to make that a reality with her Honest Company. So there are two ways she continues to blaze a new path for herself. I was feeling optimistic when I heard about Jessica showing up in Hawaii for this product signing event. After all, we all know what tends to happen when she gets near any major body of tropical water. That's bikini time. Unfortunately we have yet to see any evidence of Jessica doing a post-signing decompression in skimpy beachwear. But I still hold out hope for something along those lines. Even if we don't get any of that glorious bikini bod for now, it's still nice just to look at Jessica's sweet face. That might be worth the price of a box of shampoo.

Source: Superior Pics


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